Yamaha Raptor 700r Axle Review

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X-33 Axle features & Facts:

• The X-33 axle uses the same superior material and heat treating as the Eliminator.
• It features a proprietary heat treating process that provides excellent wear and strength characteristics.
• It is then polished and chrome plated, giving you a product that is superior in strength as well as good looks.
• The unique difference is in the design of the wheel hub mounting area.
• Standard design ATV axles neck down to about 1″ in diameter.
• A splined wheel hub slides onto the axle shaft and is retained with a hex nut.
• As all ATVer’s know, hubs loosen frequently. The X-33 changes all that. The wheel hub is clamped solid and driven by a pin on a 1-3/8″ diameter shaft.
• This axle is rifled to reduce weight near the rotational axis of the ATV.
• Note: It comes with a Warranty to Original Purchaser against bending or breaking (see WARRANTY for details).
I highly suggest that you invest in a Shop Service Manual to help you out with this job. If you do not feel that you have the necessary mechanical skills to this job, I would suggest having your local Yamaha Dealer do this X-33Axle installation. I always purchase a shop service manual for any ATV we have here at headquarters. It just makes it so much easier to service the atvs that way.

I tried installing the axle both ways from the left side and the right side.
• What worked best for me was to assemble the right side first and insert the x-33 axle in the swing-arm from the right side.
• Then assemble the left side components on the atv.
• Note: So, reassemble your right side components before inserting the axle into the swing arm.
• Note: make sure you grease the center shaft some, and the o-rings before re-installing them.
• Be careful to reinstall the rubber o-rings and also not to over tighten the DuraBlue axle retainer clamp-nut on the right hand side of the axle.
• Note: Take your time installing this axle, and be very careful and follow DuraBlue’s advice on tightening everything down.
• The DuraBlue X-33 is not that bad a job to install but you will need some mechanical savvy & also a good selection of tools to get this job done correctly. When in doubt have your mechanic help out.
• As you can see in pictures 5 & 6, the finished product is well worth it.
• Note: Picture # 6 is a bonus picture of the semi completed “Bat Bike”.
My Impressions:


Adjustable widths,give you more tire width options for different driving situations.

Superior strength compared to oem axle.

Quality built billet hubs.


None yet. How can you find complaints for an axle rated for over 120 milers per hour.

Bottom Line:

When we set out to do the 08 Yamaha Raptor 700R build project we chose the DuraBlue X-33 Axle for its strength, durability, and ability to change wheel offsets to accommodate for different driving conditions.

It was highly recommended that a heavier axle needed to be installed on the Raptor, bearing in mind the type of riding we will be tackling with the Raptor, and also with the modifications we are doing to this atv.

We have installed several X-33 Axles previously to the Raptor installation on two of our test riders ATV’s. They have both bent their oem axles, switched over to the X-33 axle, and have had nothing but praise for the durability of the X-33 Axle from Durablue.

I highly recommend taking a look a DuraBlue for your next axle, whether you are modding your machine and need an axle that can handle the extra power, or you have bent your OEM axle and need to replace it with something stronger. Durablue is a house hold name here at ATVPT.com when it comes to Axles.

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Yamaha Raptor 700 axle