The Impressive Todd Macke

Ability Riders of Tomorrow

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In 28 years of riding ATVs Todd Macke of Decatur, IL recently fulfilled his proudest moment. Many may think his recent accomplishment of racing the Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America is probably this moment. We feel otherwise. We weren’t surprised at all to see Todd finish the long race and claim 5th out of 7th in the Ironman class, after all he’s got a lot of heart and is also a very good rider. What impressed us most was Todd’s reason for tackling the race by himself.
You see Todd used the 12 Hour race and his Cerebral Palsy disability to do a lot of good for people with disabilities like his. His plan was to raise money per lap he completed at the 12 Hours of America. All the money raised would be deposited into his new program called ART (Ability Riders of Tomorrow). Todd’s new organization’s mission is to help individuals with disabilities get the tools they need to ride ATVs or perhaps race ATVs.

Photos: Barbara Miller