BITD – Henderson FabTech Desert Classic

The last race of the season, for the Best in the Desert racing association was held in Henderson, NV. This race is a popular event as it is minutes away from the Vegas strip, the final race of the season and oh yes; DOUBLE POINTS! The 48 mile loop course would have a variety of high speed straight aways, dried lake beds, silt sections galore, whoops and a dangerous rock and cliff section. The race would include 4 laps to total just under 200 miles of extreme riding; ending with a grand prix finish. 

The All Fays race team ventured out to Henderson early Thursday morning in order to check in and complete registration. They had an early start Friday morning to pre run the course as offered and go through contingency. After completing technical inspection the team would head out to the race course infield and pit area to further prepare for the race the following morning. A great driver’s meeting that evening with Casey Folks and then the All Fays race team turned in for the night.

The next morning; Race Day, the All Fays team were up early and prepping the quad and competitors for the race and the cold. Ray would start the race and tackle the first lap leaving the start line 3rd in his class and 7th overall at 6:35 am. Ray gave the spectator lined course something to watch as he grasped the hole shot and took off, in hot pursuit of the quads ahead.

Finishing the first lap in just over an hour Ray was now 1st in class and 5th overall. He smoothly handed the quad off to an anxious DJ, the pit crew fueled the quad and DJ was off. It would be just about another hour and DJ would return, now 4th overall with quite a distance between himself and the next quad in his class. More fuel and another rider change and Ray would take off, eager to try and further close the gap between the Kawasaki and the pro’s on the Honda’s.

Yet, another hour would drift by and Ray would return having maintained their position and ready to hand off to DJ for the final lap. Already tasting victory DJ jumped on and was off. Ray and the pit crew would begin to pack up the pit site and head over to watch DJ cross the finish. At last, DJ would cross the finish! Coming in 4th overall and 1st in class. A thrilled Ray and team were there to greet him.

This was an impressive finish to a tremendous season. This win would seal their fate in gaining the overall points for all the quad classes and the championship for the ATV EXP. class, as well as another individual win. Three wins in one!  It was a great finish for the day and a great boost for the weekend. The All Fays team would be unable to stay till the next morning for the awards with Casey as they were attending their final race for Whiplash Racing organization in Wickenburg, AZ.

 Ray as always is grateful for the help and support he receives from his sponsors, family and friends. Without everyone he knows it would not be possible. A special thank you to Jennifer and Rob James, Ray’s sister and brother in law for making the 6 hour drive down from L.A. to be with him at his last race for a few hours, only to turn back around and head 6 hours home. It is always appreciated to have you both there!  It has been a great season for the All Fays team and they look forward to what the upcoming season may bring. If you have any questions for Ray in regards to racing, the Kawasaki 450 or how you can become a sponsor please email him at

The All Rays Racing team wished everyone a very happy holiday season and new year!