BITD – Golden West Cycle Vegas 150 Race Report

The All Fays racing team set out to Nevada to prepare for yet another race held by The Best in the Desert organization. The Vegas 150 would be held in Jean, Nevada a small town full of big desert. Ray and the teamed arrived Friday to complete technical inspection, register and attend the driver’s meeting prior to the Saturday race. As usual the team came prepared to win and were eager for another grand showing.

This race would be slightly different from the previous Best in the Desert races as it would not be a chase race but a 35 mile loop. All riders would set out to complete four laps; however, it would be a grand prix finish with the first rider to complete the four marking the end of the race. The terrain for the course would have it’s fair share of danger zones with low hanging guide wires and power lines as well as cliff drop offs nearing 1000 feet. Boulders, Joshua trees and the possible desert tortoise crossing would also prove to be obstacles forcing the riders to stick strictly to the course. In addition to the obstacles, several series of whoops and high speed straight-aways would be incorporated for added difficulty and excitement. This was sure to be a technical but invigorating ride.

Saturday morning the All Fays racing team set up the pit location and prepared the quad and riders for the start of the race. Ray would take the first lap and start 4th in the Expert class and 10th overall. At 7:03 am he was off leaving only a trail of dust behind him. The pit supports soon found the dust would never leave; not only creating a nuisance for spectators but also an obstacle for the riders. Ray would tackle the unknown terrain as no pre run was available and come in 7th overall on the first lap. A quick rider change and fuel top off and DJ would take over for lap two. This lap, time would be made up as DJ forcibly road passing several quads and returning to the pits 3rd overall. Again the riders would switch and fuel would be topped off. Ray would lead the quad back out… winning on his mind. Here additional time would be made, more riders passed with more distance placed between the Kawasaki 450 and the competitors. As Ray returned to the pits for the day, handing the final lap off to DJ, there was only one quad in front of them left to conquer. With mere minutes between them, DJ sped off onto the course to tackle the goal of winning overall.

Ray and the support crew would make their way down to the finish with hopes of victory; eager to greet DJ as he crossed the finished. As everyone had hoped and expected DJ was able to safely finish; giving Team Green another victory. They would finish first in their class and second overall. It was another day of battling and accomplishment with another victory for Ray and the All Fays racing team.

As always, Ray would like to thank all of his many sponsors for their continued support. He appreciates all that is done for him and knows much would not be possible without the help if his sponsors, friends, family and fans.