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DuraBlue supports our troops and is now offering military discounts of 15%.  Must have I.D.



Dave Scott and Nick Nelson take the Silver State 300 with Force (Best in the Desert Silver State 300).

 Q1 takes their championship points lead back and CT Racing takes all 3 Podium Positions


Las Vegas,  May 5, 2013-Rebounding off a clutch failure induced 2nd place finish at the Parker 250, Dave Scott invited magazine editor/racer Nick Nelson to fill in for his injured teammate Danny Prather at the BITD Silver State 300. Nick quickly agreed as the Q1 quad shared all his current sponsors, and he knew the CT Racing powered, Elka/Roll Design suspended machine would be the best machine he could possibly race in the desert. The deal was only sweetened with a first position draw for the notoriously fast and dusty race.


Dave Scott would start the race as the first ATV off the line, with fellow CT racer and Nelson's 2012 BITD partner riding solo as the final Pro ATV to leave the line. Scott and Nelson kept the lead until Brett Greenholz snuck by during a scheduled K&N Filter Lid change at pit 3. The Q1 bike was working flawlessly and Nelson was able to regain the lead as Greenholz's partner Scott Fisher overshot a turn into the bushes. The rest of the day was gas and go for the Q1 machine, Allen Knowles of CT Racing kept the CT powered bike full of gas, and the TireBlock filled Maxxis tires were perfect from start to finish. With the Big HP of the CT Racing Motor coupled to DrivesystemsUSA.com tall gearing kit let the quad run out at over 90 miles per hour on the Long Straights, allowing the team to pass almost all of the motorcycles that started ahead of them finishing 6th overall. With the big speed and the Highly tuned ELKA and Roll Design suspension allowed the duo to stretch their lead out to almost nine minutes over Cody Mitchell's 2nd place CT powered Honda. Keith Carlson, who Ironman'd the 300 mile race actually beat out the remaining pro teams for the final CT Racing powered podium finish.


The next Best In the Desert Race is the General Tire Vegas to Reno, August 15-17


Dave Scott's Q1 Honda is sponsored by CT Racing, Maxxis tires, Elka Suspension,Roll Design, Dura Blue Axles, DWT, K&N Air Filters, Christy's Racing, QLR, Fasst Company, IMS, Ricky Stator,Drivesystemsusa.com, LAPC pistons, Web Camshafts, Hinson Clutch Components, Escondido Cycle Center, RND Motorsports, Fineline Graffix, Spectro Oils and Tire Blocks


Check out Missi Thede's website. She is a photographer/sponsor of many ATV organizations. Missi specializes in motocross and hare scramble photography, but is involved in much more. 


MotoXtreme magazine issue Nov 2010 featuring DuraBlue's products. It is helpful if you read Greek. Our distributor is Greece, Tat-Too created this awesome machine.
To view the pdf click here

The review from HEP Products is here:  Check out  the DS650 Quad Rebuild Project
"Road to Recovery"
 HEP ATV. com

New part for the Honda trx700xx anti-sway bar (rear)!
Honda Trx700xx Rear Anti-Sway Bar
• Increases ATV stability and safety for everyday riding.
• A must have for flat track racing.
• Reduces front end wheel hopping on fast turns.
• Stabilizes and reduces tipping action when cornering.
The Honda 700xx has an independent rear suspension (IRS).  While this design has some advantages, it is not always the best for high performance usage.  Sway becomes an issue.  To counter this tendency, Honda supplies this bike with a very light duty anti-sway bar.  The device is inadequate for most high performance purposes.

DuraBlue created a sway bar for the front which goes a long way toward balancing the bike and making it live up to its potential. 

Recently, DuraBlue has been asked to create a multi-adjustable sway bar for the rear of the Honda trx700x bike as well.

We are proud to introduce our 20-1700hr anti-sway bar.  It has all the features that have make the DuraBlue anti-sway bar famous.  It also bolts on with ordinary hand tools.

The full adjustability will make your machine handle up to its potential.
Click on images to view Larger

Indy 2010 (Dealer Expo) Photos!
Click on images to view Larger

Checkout BShipman Films Unsung Heroes 2 out now!

ATV Torture Review!
Durablue X-33 Axle Review - Kawasaki KFX-700

Durablue recently attended the "Parts Unlimited" trade show in Reno Nevada!
We met quite a few of our dealers and some new ones as well. The event was well attended and everyone had a great time. The Durablue team stayed at the Nugget Hotel and Casino. Yen Mathews hit a $10.00 jackpot on the 1 cent slot machines. She was carded twice as no one believed she was over 21. Pictured in the booth is Yen Mathews one of our sales reps

Click on image to view larger

DuraBlue now has wheel spacers for UTV's. Go to the wheel spacer page and click on the link to see which wheel spacers fit your UTV!
Click on image to view more info


DuraBlue is featured in the 2009 ATV Industry stocking stuffer
Click on image to view larger


Take a look at the Dirtwheels article "3 Builds for 3 Budgets"  DuraBlue's axle is featured.


DuraBlue's advertisement,
which appeared in Dirtwheels Magazine


The Rocket Man Terry Wilmeth announces the Original SandFest!
Watch how the Rocket Man Terry Wilmeth defied ATV Boundaries.
The HD documentary on Terry Wilmeth, ATV land speed world record holder is now finished!  Watch him attempt to break 200 mph on his rocket propelled, nitrous fueled, turbo powered ATV.  The fifty-three minute documentary covers his past attempts and the trials and challenges of setting his new record.
You can view the documentary either by streaming WMV files from our sever, or on our YouTube site.  Here are the links:
YouTube Site:

ATVPT.com wrote another product review for DuraBlue EZ fit wheel spacers.
SpacersEZ 4x110mm Kymco-1.5" -pr. Part # 4110fk 
Here's a sample of what they had to say:

My Impressions:
Easy way to get increased wheel clearance.
Light weight urethane compound with titanium construction.
Easy installation.
Bottom Line:
We needed an easy way to get some wheel clearance with our KYMCO UXV 500 project build, and the DuraBlue Graph-Lite EX Fit Wheel Spacers were exactly what we needed to accomplish this task.
It took all of twenty minutes to install these wheels spacers, and also to install the wheels & tires on our project side by side.
We could of went with aluminum wheel spacers, but I felt that the Urethane wheel spacers would give us better ride qualities on the UXV 500.
This is a very easy way to get wheel clearance without buying new wheels with a different offset.
So the bottom line is, if you need to get your wheels out there, give DuraBlue a look see when you are checking around. They have a lot of quality products from axles to wheel spacers, that will meet your needs & expectations.



DuraBlue participated in a Raptor Build Project on ATVPT. You will also be able to see it as a feature article in the September Issue of MPN magazine.

Check out what they had to say about the X-33 axle:

My Impressions:
Pros: Cons:
  • Adjustable widths,give you more tire width options for different driving situations.
  • Superior strength compared to oem axle.
  • Quality built billet hubs.
  • None yet. How can you find complaints for an axle rated for over 120 milers per hour.

Bottom Line:
When we set out to do the 08 Yamaha Raptor 700R build project we chose the DuraBlue X-33 Axle for its strength, durability, and ability to change wheel offsets to accommodate for different driving conditions.

It was highly recommended that a heavier axle needed to be installed on the Raptor, bearing in mind the type of riding we will be tackling with the Raptor, and also with the modifications we are doing to this atv.

We have installed several X-33 Axles previously to the Raptor installation on two of our test riders ATV's. They have both bent their oem axles, switched over to the X-33 axle, and have had nothing but praise for the durability of the X-33 Axle from Durablue.

I highly recommend taking a look a DuraBlue for your next axle, wether you are modding your machine and need an axle that can handle the extra power, or you have bent your OEM axle and need to replace it with something stronger. Durablue is a house hold name here at ATVPT.com when it comes to Axles.

For more, go to http://www.atvpt.com/durablueraptoraxle.htm and http://www.atvpt.com/durablueloweringkit.htm


The Impressive Todd Macke
(Originally posted at atvscene.com)

In 28 years of riding ATVs Todd Macke of Decatur, IL recently fulfilled his proudest moment. Many may think his recent accomplishment of racing the Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America is probably this moment. We feel otherwise. We weren't surprised at all to see Todd finish the long race and claim 5th out of 7th in the Ironman class, after all he's got a lot of heart and is also a very good rider. What impressed us most was Todd's reason for tackling the race by himself.

You see Todd used the 12 Hour race and his Cerebral Palsy disability to do a lot of good for people with disabilities like his. His plan was to raise money per lap he completed at the 12 Hours of America. All the money raised would be deposited into his new program called ART (Ability Riders of Tomorrow). Todd's new organization's mission is to help individuals with disabilities get the tools they need to ride ATVs or perhaps race ATVs.

Photos: Barbara Miller


Durablue's X-33 Axle Hits 202 MPH!
The Guinness World Record for fastest ATV was demolished recently.  The previous Guinness World record of 160 mph was surpassed by the original holder Terry Wilmeth. DuraBlue’s X-33 was on Terry’s Rocket Raptor and of course did its job, holding up to the tremendous pressure of charging 202 mph, which is now the new U.S. Land Speed Record.

The X-33 is DuraBlue’s premier axle, designed and developed, improving upon and reconfiguring the way an ATV axle would function; The unique design of the pin-drive system provides wobble-free, long lasting durability, as experienced by the new U.S. Land Speed Record holder.


See Durablue's axle used as a suspension component for a bumper car. Click images to view larger.


Terry Wilmeth, the Guinness World Record Holder for fastest ATV on the planet and his daughter Natalie, who is also a record holder, were recently interviewed on Fox Sports Network Motorsports Mania.


Fire Storm at Durablue
Click here to learn about our experience with the Southern California wildfires

Guinness World Record
The Durablue Eliminator axle has been put to the test and was successful for Terry Wilmeth, the declared Guiness Book of World Records holder for the fastest ATV on the planet.
Click here to read more.

Check out ATV Scene.com’s Project XC450R - 05/2007

Recently, sponsored rider Chris Earlywine tested Durablue’s X-33 for ATV Scene.com’s Project XC450R. Here’s what ATV Scene.com had to say regarding the Durablue X-33 axle:

To widen the rear of our machine Chris Earlywine insisted that we use a DuraBlue X-33 axle. While he allowed us to pick and choose components at random for his machine, this is one component that he insisted on. The DuraBlue X33 features a pin drive system instead of the standard splined axle and hub setup. After a while, the splines begin to crush allowing for imperfect fit between the axle and the hubs causing wobble. With the X-33 the hubs slide onto the end of the axle and are held in place by a pin that runs through the hub and the axle where they are bolted together. There are no splines to crush so the X-33 provides a wobble free operation for life.

Furthering the strength of this axle is the fact that it does not taper down where the hub attaches. Where the axle tapers down to the smallest diameter is where it is the weakest, thus that’s where most axles bend. With its constant diameter, the X-33 has no inherently weak point. No it's not indestructible, but it is quite strong.

We have gotten fantastic feedback on our new stickers! We've sent out hundreds of free stickers to those of you that requested them through this website. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. We will have the larger trailer stickers available by October 20th!. Except for the size the trailer stickers are identical to the smaller ones. The new trailer stickers measure 17" in length.

I need your help!
I am in the process of rewriting some of the instruction sheets for the lowering kits and the sway bars. While the written part of the instructions are good the graphics could be better and it would help everyone in understanding the written part, especially if your trying to do an install. If any of you have digital pictures of the Durablue Sway Bar and any of the Durablue lowering kits please E-mail them to me through this web-site. Att: Tom. Send your E-mail through sales not tech support . Please let me know what year and which quad you have. If you would like credit for your photo contribution let me know. Please give us permission to use your photo for our instruction sheets. Thanks for your help. Tom in technical support.

We have decided to upgrade our stickers to what you see below. The new stickers will appear on all our axles starting in about a week. We had recently done a sticker upgrade but we where not happy with the results so we're making some changes, hopefully for the better. Many of you have requested stickers through our E-mail system. Any of you who would like free stickers can E-mail your request and we will be happy to send you some, free of charge. We hope you like the new stickers!

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