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Updated 11/2011


What is covered?
Eliminator and X-33 axle - The axle shaft is covered for bending or breaking. Flanges, spline wear, hardware and/or surface finish are not covered. The axle is covered for as long as you own the axle (original purchaser).

Heavy Duty axle – The axle shaft is covered for bending or breaking. Flanges, spline wear, hardware and/or surface finish are not covered.  Axles are covered for six months as long as you are the original purchaser.

Replaced or Straightened?
If the axle shaft is bent, it will probably be straightened. This will not result in a weaker axle. Otherwise, your axle will be replaced.

Who pays shipping?
The customer/owner is expected to pay all shipping costs, both to and from Durablue.

How do I make a warranty claim?
Submit a copy of your original invoice showing that you are the original purchaser. Clean the axle so that it is not dirty and/or greasy. Keep all nuts, bolts, rings, wheel hubs and/or other hardware. If you send the hardware and it is lost in shipping, you will be required to purchase new replacement hardware. Include your name, address and phone number.   If you want to use a credit card to pay for shipping, call Durablue directly.

If the axle is to be replaced.
You may upgrade from the Heavy Duty Series to the Eliminator or X-33 or from the Eliminator to X-33. You will pay the difference in the suggested retail prices.

May I take my warranty claim to my dealer or distributor?
You must deal directly with Durablue.

Purchases on Ebay
There is no warranty for anything purchased from an individual on ebay.

Discontinued Products
From time to time, Durablue discontinues products for a variety of reasons. When a product is discontinue, warrenty replacement is no longer possible.

DO NOT return product as “no fit” or “defective” when it has been used. You will not receive credit for used product (when in doubt, request an RA number). If a warranty applies, follow the instructions above.

UTV Aluminum Wheel Spacers

UTV Aluminum Wheel spacers are warranteed to the original purchaser for as long you own the spacers. This does not include hardware such as stud extenders. Warrenty is limited to repair or replacement. Follow the same procedures as for the axle warranty.

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