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Wheel Spacers
For more safety and stability!
  • Increases wheel clearance.
  • Improves stability.
  • Light weight
  • Exclusive urethane
    compound with titanium.
  • Alumium for UTV's and larger Quads


Why Wheel Spacers? Click here to find out

Which wheel spacers fit your QUAD or UTV? CLICK HERE to find out.

Three models of spacers are available...

EZ Fit Urethane - The finest and lightest wheel spacers available. These spacers are an exclusive compound of urethane and titanium. They weigh 60% less than aluminum of equal volumn. The mounting hardware attaches to the existing press-in studs, providing a well supported foundation for the spacer. Available in 1.5" and 2.5" for most models, these spacers will provide both wheel clearance and a more stable ride. NOTE: "EZ Fit" spacers do not require stud removal for installation. Use for superior fit and assembly. Please note that UTV's and heavier, larger quads should use the EZ Fit Aluminum spacers.

EZ Fit Aluminum - These are the newest edition to our EZ wheel spacer line. Our strongest wheel spacer, designed specficially for UTV's and larger, heavier ATV's. These spacers are so strong that we offer a lifetime warrenty to the original purchaser. Great effort has gone into the design to make these ultra strong spacers almost as light as our EZ Fit Urethane. Use where extreme loads, weight and/or power are encountered.

CLICK HERE to read IMPORTANT installation instructions for EZ fit spacers

GRAPH-LITE GL - This more economical series spacer is the same material as the Urethane EZ Fit. The difference lies in the mounting procedure. These spacers require the removal of the press-in studs. Long hex bolts insert through the holes, spacers and wheels. In order to tighten, the head of the bolt must be accessed. These spacers will not work where the head of the bolt is hidden and/or inaccessible, such as what might be encountered on some four wheel drive models. You must use the EZ Fit for these machines. NOTE: Graph-lite "GL" spacers require that the studs be removed from the hub for installation and long "through bolts" (supplied) inserted in the stud hole.

We still offer some of our original design die cast aluminum spacers. They are the most economical of our spacers and are limited to three applications (see ws110, ws115 and ws115y in the chart below).

If you're using DuraBlue wheel hubs, you need to use the EZ fit style of wheel spacer.

CLICK HERE to read IMPORTANT installation instructions for GL spacers


*** Kid's quads wheel spacers:
including Arctic Cat, Eton, Honda, Can-Am, Kasea, Kawasaki, Polaris and Yamaha 90cc and smaller requires that the wheel accept a 6 inch diameter spacer at the mounting surface. The Yamaha 80cc and smaller have to accept a 5 inch diameter spacer at the mounting surface.  This applies to stock wheels. Make sure your wheels will accept spacers.

Image Wheel Spacers - EZ Fit - AluminumPart #Price
SpacersEZ Alum 4x110mm CanAm DS450 (r)-1.5" EZ style -pr ws4110fc $211.00
spacer SpacersEZ Alum 4x110mm Honda/Suzuki/Yamaha/Kawasaki/KTM-1.5" EZ style -pr ws4110f $211.00
spacer SpacersEZ Alum 4x110mm Polaris ATV-1.5" -pr ws4110fp $211.00
SpacersEZ Alum 4x110mm Polaris ATV-2.5" -pr ws4110p $211.00
SpacersEZ Alum 4x137mm CanAm/Kawasaki large ATV-2.5" -pr WS4137-10 $211.00
SpacersEZ Alum 4x137mm CanAm/Kawasaki large ATV-1.5" -pr WS4137f $211.00

SpacersEZ Alum 4x156mm Yamaha/Kawasaki/Polaris-1.5" -pr

ws4155f $211.00

SpacersEZ Alum 4x156mm Yamaha/Kawasaki/Polaris-2.5" -pr

ws4155 $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x110 mm CFMOTO UTV/ATV- Honda-Suzuki ATV/Polaris RZR small/Yamaha ATV-UTV -1.5" -pr utv4110fy $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x110 mm CFMOTO UTV/ATV (may require open lug nuts)- Honda-Suzuki ATV/Polaris RZR small/Yamaha ATV-UTV -2.5" -pr utv4110y $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x110mm Honda UTV-2.5" -pr utv4110h $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x110mm Yamaha UTV-2.5" -pr utv4110v $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x115mm Arctic Cat UTV/Yamaha ATV-2.5" -pr utv4115 $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x115mm Arctic Cat UTV/Yamaha ATV-1.5" -pr utv4115f $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x137mm Kawasaki UTV-2.5" -pr utv4137 $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x137mm Honda UTV Pioneer-2.5" -pr utv4137h $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Kawasaki Pro FXT UTV-2.5" -pr utv4156k $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Polaris UTV-2.5" -pr utv4156-12 $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Polaris ATV/UTV-1.5" -pr utv4156f $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Polaris ATV/UTV-2.5" -pr utv4156 $211.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Polaris UTV-2.5" -pr utv4156-12 $211.00
Image Wheel Spacers - EZ Fit - Urethane Composite Part # Price
SpacersEZ 3x90mm Yamaha Raptor 80-2.5"-8mm -pr 3090-8 $148.00
SpacersEZ 3x100mm Kawasaki/Suzuki-2.5"-8mm -pr 3100-8 $148.00
SpacersEZ 3x100mm Honda/Yamaha-2.5"-pr 3100 $148.00
SpacersEZ 3x120mm Suzuki-2.5"-pr 3120 $148.00
s SpacersEZ 4x85mm Honda/Yamaha-1.5"-pr 4085f $148.00
s SpacersEZ 4x85mm Honda/Yamaha-2.5"-pr 4085 $148.00
s SpacersEZ 4x88mm Yamaha-2.5 -pr 4088-8 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x100mm Yamaha-2.5"-pr 4100 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x110mm CanAm 450 (r)-1.5" -pr 4110fc $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x110mm Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki/KTM-1.5" -pr 4110f $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x110mm Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki/KTM-2.5" -pr 4110 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x110mm Polaris-2.5" -pr 4110p $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x115mm Yamaha/Arctic Cat- 1.5" -pr 4115f $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x115mm Yamaha/Arctic Cat-2.5" -pr 4115 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x130mm Honda/Suzuki-2.5" -pr 4130 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x137mm Kawasaki-1.5" -pr 4137f $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x137mm Kawasaki-2.5" -pr 4137 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x143mm CanAm DS450 (f) 1.5" -pr 4144fc $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x143mm CanAm DS650 (f&r) 1.5" -pr 4143f $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x144mm Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki-1.5" -pr 4144f $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Kawasaki/Yamaha-2.5" -pr 4156 $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Kawasaki/Yamaha/KTM-1.5" -pr 4156f $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Polaris-1.5" -pr 4156p $148.00
SpacersEZ 4x156mm Polaris-2.5" -pr 4156pw $148.00
SpacersEZ 5x130mm Suzuki-2.5" -pr 5130 $148.00
Image Wheel Spacers - Graph-lite (GL) - Urethane Composite Part # Price
SpacersGL 3x100mm Honda/Yamaha-2.5" -pr gl303 $134.00
SpacersGL 3x120mm Suzuki 80-2.5" -pr g1315 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x100mm Yamaha-2.5" -pr gl100 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x101mm Polaris-1.5" -pr gl101f $134.00
SpacersGL 4x101mm Polaris-2.5" -pr gl101 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x110mm Honda-1.5" -pr gl110f $134.00
SpacersGL 4x110mm Honda-2.5" -pr gl110 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x110mm Polaris-1.5" -pr gl110fp $134.00
SpacersGL 4x110mm Polaris-2.5" -pr gl110p $134.00
SpacersGL 4x115mm Yamaha-2.5" -pr gl115 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x130mm Honda/Suzuki-2.5" -pr gl130 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x144mm Honda-1.5" -pr gl145f $134.00
SpacersGL 4x156mm Polaris-1.5" -pr gl156f $134.00
SpacersGL 4x156mm Polaris-2.5" -pr gl156 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x156mm Yamaha/Kawasaki-1.5" -pr gl155f $134.00
SpacersGL 4x156mm Yamaha/Kawasaki-2.5" -pr gl155 $134.00
SpacersGL 4x166mm Suzuki-1.5" -pr gl166 $134.00
SpacersGL 5x130mm Suzuki-2.5" -pr gl5130q $134.00
Image Wheel Spacers - GL Series - Aluminum Part # Price
Spacers Alum 4x110mm early Honda using flat face lug nuts-2.5" - pr WS110 $129.00
Spacers Alum 4x110mm late Honda using taper face lug nuts-2.5" -pr ws115 $129.00
Spacers Alum 4x115mm Yamaha-2.5" -pr ws115y $129.00
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