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Anti - Sway Bars
Fits all A-Arm ATV's
  • Increase ATV stability and safety for everyday riding.
  • A must have for flat track racing.
  • Reduces front end wheel hop on fast turns.
  • Stabilizes and reduces tipping action when cornering.
  • Independently  adjustable on  each side from soft to stiff.

Our Anti-Sway Bar* is fully adjustable from soft to stiff... you can even adjust one side stiff and the other soft to match specific race conditions! Fully brushed and chrome plated, it fits all A-Arm ATV's. If you're looking for "flatter cornering" a Dura Blue Anti-Sway Bar is the answer.

The Durablue Anti-Sway Bar is a unique part designed to be custom tailored for your machine. This customizing is accomplished by utilizing mounting brackets, which can be located on the mounting tube in any location, then clamped. The clamps can be bent at the mounting face, moving the sway bar tube slightly to provide frame and component clearance as necessary. The arm can be installed with either an inner offset or outer offset (you can accomplish this by flipping the arm over and reinstalling it on the torsion bar). The upper heim joint can be bolted to the inside or outside of the arm. The lower heim joint can be mounted to the forward side or rearward side of the shock-mounting bracket.

Each machine will be slightly different. You will want to make sure that you run the suspension through it's full travel to make sure there is no binding or rubbing of any parts. This assembly is very flexible and can be adjusted to fit nearly every application.

*ANTI-SWAY BAR is just the name of our product. You can still roll your ATV!!! This bar provides flatter cornering and limits "swaying" only.

LTR 450R

Honda 450 r

Raptor 700

Cam Am DS 450 EFI

KTM 4525 front

Polaris Outlaw 525

KTM 525



Honda 700XX

Suzuki Z400

YFz450 lowering kit and sway bar


CLICK HERE to read IMPORTANT installation instructions.

Instructions - Click links below to view PDFs

Yamaha YFZ 450 - 20-1700y

Polaris Outlaw

ImageDescriptionPart #Price
Anti-Sway Bar Kit fits most A-arm ATV's 20-1700 $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit fits most extended A-arm ATV's 20-1700w $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Honda trx450r '06-14 20-1700a $570.00
sway bar Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Honda trx700xx (front) '09-12 20-1700h $570.00
sway bar Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Honda trx700xx (rear) '08-12 20-1700hr $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Kawasaki kfx450 '08-14 20-1700y $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit KTM 450sx '09-11 20-1700k $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit KTM 450xc '09-11 20-1700k $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit KTM 505xs '09-12 20-1700k $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit KTM 525xc '08-12 20-1700k $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Polaris 525, 500 IRS/S (front) '07-11 20-1700p $570.00
swaybar Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Suzuki lt-z400 '09-14 20-1700b $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Suzuki lt-r450 '06-14 20-1700s


Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Yamaha Raptor 660 '01-05 20-1700y $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Yamaha Raptor 700 '06-15 20-1700r


hu' Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Yamaha Raptor 700r/se '15-17 20-1700r


Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Yamaha yfz450 '04-09 & 12-15 20-1700y $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Yamaha yfz450r/se '09-17 20-1700y $570.00
Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Kit Yamaha yfz450x '10-11 20-1700y $570.00
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